Back in the Crescent City

It’s been a long, challenging time for the last 8 months without a full-time gig. I’ve had some difficult obstacles and have had to work hard at staying afloat. I’ve still been playing with some great bands and have made some fantastic new friends. But up until now, I haven’t had any full-time work.

However, I can now officially announce that I will be back playing in New Orleans on Bourbon Street five nights a week. It’s two seperate gigs…with the news of each coming in the last two consecutive days.

Every Monday and Tuesday night, I’ll be playing with Rockbox at Krazy Korner (640 Bourbon Street) starting at 8:00. These boys know how to rock! I’ve done several fill-in gigs with this band – both at Krazy Korner and Fat Catz – and always have a blast. Going into fall and football season, this will be a great gig.

I’ll also be reuniting with Roxshow and playing every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at Voodoo Vibe (333 Bourbon Street). This band gets knocked down but we never go away. I’m very much looking forward to playing again with my friends and former bandmates, in addition to new Roxshow drummer, the immensely talented Eric Bolivar.

While I’m stoked to be working again, the news is a little bittersweet as I’ll have to say goodbye to Mobile for now. I will still be honoring the shows that I have booked with my friends in Britches McGee through August and culminating on September 1st (I’ll have a sub cover my shift in Nola for those nights.) This, my friends, is the band to watch out for on the Gulf Coast.

In other news…

I’ve been doing some writing on HubPages, and gotten some pretty good feedback. I plan on continuing with the theme that I have started with my articles, and hope to compile a healthy catalog of music/band related Hubs. One of the more successful Hubs that I’ve written is called 14 Tips on How to Be Successful as a Musician in a Working Band. I’m happy to share this info with everyone, and proud to say that I’m living proof that it clearly works.

Steve \m/

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