Break time

When I was thinking about writing a daily blog about my gigging experiences, I figured I’d write as soon as I got home while the night is fresh. Turns out I think better the next day.

Last night we ran sets in a similar fashion to Sunday. Our new manager at The Swamp is much more involved in our success (and success of the club) than previous managers. He’s good at reading the room and the street and really wants us to get the most out of the night. It’s quite refreshing.

So we ran one set and then broke again, but the big difference is we’re now taking 15 minute breaks as opposed to the standard 30 minutes. This works well for us and the pace of the night. Fifteen minutes is plenty of time to get anything done. We ran one more single set and broke again and then came back and did a double, giving us four sets for the night.

The band was again in great form and we had a lot of fun. The fact that we all get along on and off stage makes the job effortless. Back again tonight with the same lineup, hoping for at least another four set night. 🙂

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