It’s not always sunny

After two days off, I played a casino with my weekend band last night. As much as I love playing music for a living, sometimes I’m just not at my best. I was in a terrible mood going in, and with sound issues at sound check and during the first set my negativity was was fed. I blew up at my good friend and guitar player as soon as we went on our first break. I feel bad for losing my temper and I apologized right away to him and the band, and our singer assured me that these issues would be addressed. The night actually went by quickly, The gig went as well as it could have, but I wasn’t really into it all night and was happy when it was over. I talked to my guitar player on the phone afterwards and we ironed things out. I still feel down, but we’re playing a wedding tonight and I’m going to try to go in with a better attitude.

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