Ru-dy! Ru-dy! Ru-dy!

I had the pleasure on Sunday night to attend the Queensryche show in New Orleans at the legendary Tipitina’s, and was honored to meet and talk with one of my earliest bass influences…Mr. Rudy Sarzo.

My first memory is watching the Quiet Riot videos on MTV in the early 80’s, and attempting to emulate the sheer coolness that this bass legend exuded. I even have some pictures from my earliest days of playing where I was holding my instrument upside-down and playing from underneath…just like he would do.

I then discovered just how good a bass player he was by listening and playing along with records such as Ozzy Osbourne’s live masterpiece Speak of the Devil, the 1987 breakthrough Whitesnake album, and countless other performances that I heard him laying down the bottom end.

Rudy was very polite, cordial, and we talked bass stuff for five or ten minutes. It’s always a little risky meeting people that you’ve admired from afar and for so long, but I’m happy to say that he is a great guy, and a world class musician.

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Things Are Looking Up

For the past few weeks I’ve been doing everything I can possibly think of to find a new gig…including posting ads, responding to ads, doing a gig with a 90’s rock Alabama band, auditioning for a start-up band in Florida, and fielding several other possibilities. This is a healthy transitional time – and it’s exciting me to know that some of these possibilities are starting to come to fruition. Unfortunately, I can’t report anything solid yet, but I do have a good deal of work coming up around the bend. Check the Calendar page for confirmed upcoming gigs.

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Down time is good

The current lack of work has given me the opportunity to finally work on this site. I guess I can’t complain – I’ve been working pretty steadily for the last three years. But I also can’t be excused from keeping this thing up-to-date. So here we have it. I’ll keep the┬ánews happening on this here home page, adding content and tweaking as we go. Rock!

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